Wild Heart Conservation

Wild Heart Conservation (WHC) has been established to assist in the monitoring and protection of private wilderness reserves in South Africa. We strive to help private reserve owners find sustainable solutions for ecological conservation. Our base camp “Mutogomeli” has prioritized its focus to provide a much-needed presence around priority threatened species.

With the assistance of volunteers and students we build on the current knowledge of these properties, helping to increase the protection of flora and fauna while educating students about the real life challenges facing Wildlife Conservation. #Mutogomeli #LoveYourWildLife #RhinoConservation

WHC has chosen to keep its focus on private reserves because in South Africa, the majority of available habitat for wildlife falls on privately-owned land. It is on these properties where conservation, initiatives, and efforts are needed. South Africa's wildlife industry is expanding, meaning that available habitat for a huge diversity of wildlife is also expanding, not only for well-known and popular species, but also for all types of small mammals, birds, reptiles, insect-life and plant species vital for the healthy functioning of our native ecosystems. Our goal is to build a positive and reliable reputation in the private sector, and act as Conservation Consultants for private reserves.

"Conservation is only part about working with wildlife. Conservation is mostly about working with people ..."

We believe that education is essential in conservation and that we can always build on your knowledge to improve our approach in protecting the environment. This is why our focus not only lies with the local community, but also with international students that come to volunteer at our projects. This approach not only gives us the opportunity to educate them on the realities of conservation and show them an often unseen beauty, but also show the local community that there are normal people out there who have the ability to understand and build into their core values the real challenges facing Wildlife Conservation.

Our responsibility as conservationists is not only to offer support, knowledge, and conservation assistance to the wildlife industry, but also to educate ildlife students in conservation.

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