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We know everyone is different and that is why the ResearchWild! Program offers many different options, in order to satisfy any needs a student/non-student may have.

  Internships Abroad: Wildlife Management Photo By Francois Meyer

Internships Abroad: Wildlife Management Photo By Francois Meyer

Research Abroad  Photo By Francois Meyer

  Volunteer Abroad Photo By Francios Meyer

Volunteer Abroad Photo By Francios Meyer


Program Open to Students

Wildlife Internships South Africa

Gain invaluable experience in wildlife management while working with some of the top wildlife ranchers in the business! You will be housed onsite and learn what it takes to manage wildlife in South Africa. You will also learn how wildlife ranching fits into the socio-economic culture of South Africa. Explore the wilds of South Africa in the safe environment that these large properties give. Every internship will give you skills that you can put on your resume/C.V., take with you to your future job, and can never be taken away!  


Wildlife Management

Learn about what it takes to care for wildlife in a captive situation. Learn valuable skills in areas like husbandry, habitat care, facility care/maintenance, wildlife security, customer service, and more....!

Wildlife Vet Program

Whether you are already a vet, pre-vet, or a vet tech you can learn valuable skills and gain experience that will increase you knowledge and marketability in the vet profession. Work along side South African Vets as you partake in wildlife immobilizations, captures and transports, rehabilitation, and more! 

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Learn incredibly useful trades in the art and science of wildlife rehabilitation from the experts. These people have dedicated their lives to these amazing animals and they are ready and willing to show you the ropes!

Wildlife Criminal Justice

Learn about the history and the real life situation that so many endangered species are facing now! Learn about and be apart of practices that are enacted to give them a fighting chance!

Photography and Communication

Learn wildlife photography from professionals in the field and/or find stories and interview people to publish ground breaking stories in  the social and conservation world!

Wild Ecology

Learn about wildlife management in a national park setting. Work with park ranger and gain experience in the day to day operations!




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